Critical Thinking Learning Labs (CTL2) is a technology development company dedicated to bringing the power of technology and personal computing to the world of eLearning. Since 1994 we’ve built systems that range from custom certification training platforms for large technology companies to on-line curriculum management systems for continuing education.

We design and build these systems with re-usablelearning objects that bring significant cost savings while delivering a high-quality learning experience. Underlying our course development expertise is a commitment to finding breakthrough learning technologies to improve learning skill.

Our learning concepts focus on affecting critical thinking skills in which learner’s improve how they think while they master new knowledge.

To understand what we can offer check our Vision and its corollaries the Courses and Assessments pages. Contact us using the appropriate page, we are open to all types of inquiries.

Our parent company B & W, Inc. (BWI) offers many more services, check the BWI page for more details.