Content development is the first key to an efficient e-learning product… We can create new content from any material you have at your disposal, currently in use or in your archives, whether low-tech or leading-edge… We are also experts at creating syllabi that will meet your teaching goals as well as your timing requirements for learners.

Content Sources:
Includes Word documents, animations, PowerPoint decks, repurposed Flash files, databases, etc. Each source document is edited for the subject matter and broken into small, autonomous Content Objects, containing text and media elements. These objects can be re-used in future lesson-building situations.
When Content Objects cluster together with an instructional purpose they create Task Objects. These Objects are reusable and dedicated to a very specific intent so that new content objects can be applied for similar purposes.

Task Cluster:
Dozens of Task Objects are formed from the collection of Content Objects. These are clustered into lesson formats with direction from CT Labs’ Instructional Designers. Lessons are assembled Content Objects, which have been clustered into purpose-driven tasks. They are now ready to assemble with yet another dimension, the Learning Objective. Each lesson fulfills a unique learning objective to address instructional needs.

The Course:
The Lesson Objects are assembled in flexible and dynamic ways to give structure to the Course. his underlying structure enables interspersed connections between each lesson, task, and content object. Because of this object-based approach to building, a course is easily updatable and can be reconfigured, or subdivided, in many ways, to achieve different objectives for different learners.