There is a tremendous opportunity to utilize technology to improve learning. But the e-Learning and distance-learning industry has been slow to utilize the power of today’s personal computers. The reason is that the industry grew out of the classroom and the publishing business…not the computer industry. There are extraordinary innovations appearing, from “Galvanic Skin Response”-enabled mice, to retinal-scanning computer cams. And there are lessons to be learned from the object-oriented perspective of computer code development, as well as tremendous improvements in feedback assessment in order to build an understanding of how a person absorbs knowledge.

But the use of that knowledge… the application of new data to improve the learning state … is not happening quickly. There is still a need to have a “learning platform” from which assessment data and learner input data can be managed, understood, and improved.

THE COMPUTER AS TUTOR — The human element in learning is critical, but the very nature of eLearning removes teacher-student interaction. We believe computer processing power can provide this missing element. We have dedicated our efforts to finding new technology tools and creating breakthrough software platforms to improve the dynamics of this man/machine learning relationship.

SELF AWARE LEARNING — It is the learner, the technician, the striving employee himself who is the key to successful learning. Our systems strive to create a learning “self-awareness”, one that empowers the user to improve his own ability to learn. Our system reaches beyond retention, into the realm of genuine understanding.

We build systems to understand, measure, track and quantify a group of “critical thinking skills” that are the key to learning itself. From that understanding, and with the power of computing and the benefits of efficient code development and execution, we believe the effectiveness of human learning can be increased exponentially and can impact the world in far reaching ways.