B & W, INC. (BWI) founded in 1994 in Tacoma, Washington, USA, offers e-Learning technology products and development through its CTL2 brand (this site), it also offers custom software development in many fields, including desktop applications and web development.

We can create entirely new solutions for your projects, but we are experts at improving on what you already have, no matter how old the technology is, there is usually a way to re-use what you already have! We can study your current solution and provide you with the best way forward as opposed to the, often costly, overhaul of your current application or web-based solution.
That is a skill that is not current today… and particularly important in those cases where an entirely new solution is not an option!

We have worked in many fields and for many clients: Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Press, Simon & Schuster (Prentice-Hall Interactive), A Press, Bellevue Community College; Sagem-Morpho (now SAFRAN), International Data Group Books Worldwide, AT&T Wireless… as well as many smaller companies for whom the jobs were very significant. From biometrics to wood chips trucking we can do it all!

Use the Contacts page to make a request (simply mention BWI in the subject line.)