Assessment development is the second key to an efficient e-learning product… We know that proving success in an e-Learning environment can be difficult.
We build assessments into every part of our product platform, from content development through complete lesson coverage and on to inter-related question structure and scope.
Our system identifies and tracks the key message threads throughout the content itself, pre-determining learning elements that will later be tracked and scored at the end of each lesson.

Whether you are looking for a turnkey e-learning environment or simply a way to evaluate an existing curriculum (online or in the classroom), our assessment engine provides the most advanced, yet cost-effective, solution:

  • Rich question types
  • A variety of administrative options
  • Highly-configurable learner feedback
  • Sophisticated (automated) evaluation techniques
  • Comprehensive tracking
  • High-stakes assessment solution
  • Flexible reporting

The right assessment structure provides measurable results that mean something…directed toward individual goals and clear, concise learning objectives. Our assessment engine is extremely Web portable and easily customizable to provide evaluation of a learner in conjunction with any e-learning application.

Increase Retention: Interrogative engagement is essential to “fixing” knowledge in long term memory; assessments increase retention:

  • Initially, assessments help determine what a learner needs to get out of their training. Diagnostic Assessments increase efficiency because they determine whether a learner should work through or skip a particular lesson. The diagnostic process also sets expectations about upcoming material.
  • Questions can deepen understanding and build a mental picture of knowledge. Formative assessments rephrase or reformat content so the learner experiences it from multiple points of view. Assessments provide repetition with content without being boring.
  • And finally, questions verify that knowledge was acquired.

Cost-Effective e-Learning Assessment Solution: Our assessment engine is a standalone product that works with virtually any e-learning system or tool.

  • The assessment engine technology is light-weight, completely Web portable and browser independent.
  • The assessment engine provides a simple integration pathway for developers.
  • The assessment engine provides a high-stakes assessment solution.
  • The assessment engine integrates with rich learning context applications to mimic job performance.